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New Research Gives Strength to Beet It Sport Shot

New research, independently conducted by Samford University in Alabama, indicates that a concentrated beetroot juice shot could be an aid to improving strength and resistance training.

This research used a free-weight bench press resistance exercise, and looked into the effects of dietary nitrate supplementation on strength exercise. The 7cl Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 shot was used in the research. According to Beet It, it is the ‘only beetroot product on the market that guarantees a sufficiently high dose of dietary nitrate (400mg) for users to increase sporting performance.’

In the testing process, one Beet It Sport concentrated beetroot shot was consumed by 11 resistance-trained men (average age 22), two hours before training and was relative to a placebo (blackcurrant cordial). The result showed a significant increase in mean velocity by 6.5%, mean power in watts by 19.5% and 9.4% in total repetitions completed, during free-weight bench press resistance exercise.

Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 shots have been extensively used in nitrate supplementation research worldwide over the past 10 years, including the renowned International Olympic Committee (IOC) Consensus Statement, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM).

However, this is one of the first studies using a free-weight bench press resistance exercise into the effects of dietary nitrate supplementation on strength exercise, especially the popular bench press exercise.

Tyler Williams PhD, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology at Samford University in Alabama, who led the study, said “An acute, 70ml dose of concentrated beetroot juice produced a 6.5% increase in mean velocity, 19.5% increase in mean power, and 9.4% increase in total repetitions completed during the bench press exercise in resistance-trained males.

“Athletes seeking to increase training quality and volume may benefit from consuming a concentrated dose of beetroot juice two hours prior to the exercise session. While the effects of chronic beetroot juice supplementation on resistance training performance has not been studied, it is plausible that the acute enhancements in power output and training volume may lead to greater adaptations.”

Jonathan Cartwright, Beet It Sport, spokesman said “Up to now our concentrated beetroot shot has mostly been used in research into endurance-based exercise, but this latest research provides new evidence that beetroot juice is not just beneficial for endurance exercise, but also strength and power based exercise.”


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