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Could Cherry Extract Speed Up Your Recovery Between Runs?

Feeling Tired?

Whilst we all know that hydration, consistent miles, and the right pair of shoes can make a huge difference to your running ability, it’s easy to forget that the measures you take between runs is equally important. Focus on recovery is not a particularly novel idea, over the past few decades many options have become available, from protein shakes to foam-rollers. With such a range of recovery options, every runner, from the Olympic medallist to the Saturday morning park runner, has the opportunity to feel their freshest, both on the start line and over the following days.

We’ve all been in that position; on track for a PB, when suddenly, you begin regret yesterday’s run. It’s hardly surprising to any of us that fatigue is the most common cause for either underperforming in a race or simply feeling sluggish on a jog. So, we have compiled a list of recovery aids to stop your soreness in its tracks and have you feeling fresh in no time.

Recovery Aids


Dehydration can impair your muscles’ ability to repair themselves. Studies recommend at least 2 pints of water for every KG lost whilst running.

Static stretching or yoga

Stretching after your run can reduce post-workout stiffness of muscles and joints, known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Foam rolling, massage, or massage gun

Massage, of all types, has been found to give small but significant improvements to athletes’ flexibility and helps to decrease DOMS.

Recovery shake or a nutritious meal

During exercise, your body uses up glycogen, and the muscle fibres are damaged. Consuming carbohydrates and protein after your workout can give your body the nutrients needed to refill glycogen stores and repair muscle damage.

Cherry extract supplementation

Have you heard of tart cherry juice for improved recovery? According to the International Olympic Committee, sour cherry has been shown to significantly reduce symptoms and enhance recovery from DOMS.

Let’s dive a little deeper…

How Cherry Works

As mentioned earlier, over the course of exercise, whether you are lifting weights, running around the park, or getting your Zumba pump on, your muscle fibres, which allow your body to move, are broken down. Whilst we have known for a long time that protein can help rebuild and recover these damaged fibres, contemporary research has shown that, consuming tart cherry supplements for the 2-3 days following exercise can also help. This is a result of the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of sour cherry juice.

Introducing Cherry Extract into Your Training Plan

Supplementing cherry extract is quite straightforward, but not in the same way as traditional recovery methods. Foam rolling and protein shakes typically take place once the activity is complete, however with tart cherry research suggests a form of ‘precovery’. Cherry extract works by supplementing in the days prior to exercise to facilitate recovery on the days after exercise. By preloading at least one serving (30ml) of sour cherry juice a day for several days, athletes achieve an accelerated recovery of function by limiting both muscle soreness and inflammation over the days following exercise.

Many sour cherry supplements require diluting with water, for palatability and practicality, but here at Beet It we have created a novel recovery shot. Like our Beet It Sport concentrated beetroot juice shot, our new Regen Cherry+ shot is available in a consumable 70ml shot. What sets the Beet It Regen Cherry+ shot apart from other cherry extract juices on the market is the combination of cherry with beetroot. Two of the highest antioxidant superfoods, juiced, concentrated and ready to help you ‘precover’.

Takeaway Points

• Strengthening your running takes more than increasing your mileage, it requires improving your recovery too.

• Concentrated sour cherry juice is a ‘precovery’ method proven by science.

• The Beet It Regen Cherry+ shot is the only sports shot providing the antioxidant power of these two research backed supplements.


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