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Battle of the Beets: Beet It Sport Shots Go Head-to-Head with Humann Superbeets

Seen as a clinical first, a new study from the University of Exeter aims to determine the most effective form of nitrate supplementation. The results indicate that Beet It Sport Shot, containing 400mg of natural dietary nitrate, is ‘nearly twice as effective at lowering systolic blood pressure, and three times more effective in increasing the body’s ability to produce nitric oxide than its nearest US competitor.’

The study, led by Sinead McDonagh at the University of Exeter, and published in the journal Nitric Oxide, tracked the results of 10 participants as they each ingested a one-day supplementation of: Beet It Sport Shots beet juice concentrate (55ml); Beet It Sport nutrition bars (60g); Beet It beet juice (456ml); and Humann Superbeets beetroot crystals.

The Exeter University study found: ‘Ingestion of concentrated beetroot juice (Beet It Sport) was a more effective means of increasing markers of nitric oxide production and reducing blood pressure when compared with non-concentrated beetroot juice…and beetroot crystals.’

Under chemical analysis, the Exeter study authors found a difference in the quantity of nitrate found in the competing products: 55ml of a 70ml Beet It Sport Shot contained 357mg of inorganic nitrate, while a single 5g serving of Superbeets contained a notably lower 86mg of inorganic nitrate.

“These results are not subtle,” said Lawrence Mallinson, Beet It Managing Director. “Our sport shots stand alone when it comes to delivering a quantity of nitrate large enough to positively impact performance. Indeed, in their analysis of a recommended serving of each product, researchers found each Beet It Sport Shot contained 400mg of nitrate, while Humann Superbeets contained just 86mg of nitrate per 5g serving.”

He continued “To get these same amount of nitrate as we find in just one 7cl Beet It Sport Shot, a consumer would need to purchase, prepare and ingest four Superbeet servings. Not only would that create extra expense, but it also exceeds Humann’s recommended daily serving size of their own product.”

According to the Exeter researchers, ‘Beet It Sport could be recommended as a practical approach for maintaining or perhaps improving markers of cardiovascular health in young, healthy individuals.’

A 5mmHg reduction in systolic blood pressure (as seen in this study), if maintained, may be estimated to decrease the risk of mortality by 7% and reduce the risk of mortality by stroke and coronary heart disease by 14 and 9%, respectively.

Full clinical study: McDonagh et al (2018), University of Exeter. Influence of dietary nitrate food forms on nitrate metabolism and blood pressure in healthy normotensive adults, Nitric Oxide.


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