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Soh Wai Ching

Tower Runner / BSc Sports Science

Soh Wai Ching represents Malaysia in tower running and competes in mid distance runs regularly, often emerging as the top champion. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor Degree of Sports Science at the University of Malaya and plans to go further with a Master and Doctorate Degree (PhD) in the field of Exercise Physiology.  Wai Ching is also an IAAF CECS certified athletic coach who coaches part time and is often invited to running workshops as a speaker.


Beet It Sport had a significant effect on my rate of perceived effort (RPE) when I did my hard repetition workout.

1. How did you get involved in running/tower running? 

I started off my Tower Running journey since I won the “Best Malaysian” in Malaysia KL Tower International Towerthon Challenge. I want to see how far I can go and aim to be the World’s No.1 in the future.


2. Do you have an athlete role model who inspired you?
Yes. I do have. His name is Mo Farah, from Great Britain. He is the Double-Double Olympic Gold Medalist (5000m and 10000m).


3. What advice would you give to someone considering taking up elite running? 
Discipline & Consistency are the keys to be the Best!


4. Track running and tower running – which do you prefer and why?
Tower Running. If you have asked me before I started Tower Running, I would have said Track Running. Now I have a Clear and Straight forward goal in my mind, which is to be the World’s Champion in Tower Running! I believe I can do it.


5. Best elite running achievement so far?

Overall 7th Ranking in Vertical World Circuit 2017 (

World 62nd Best Tower Runner in the World (Updated in Nov 2017 based on pointing system from World Tower Running Association)


6. Aspirations in elite running for 2018 and beyond? 

I aspire to take part in more tower running events in the future, to achieve a great result in La Verticale La Tour Eiffel 2018 and to qualify for the Tower Running World Championships (5th May 2018 at 101 Taipei, Taiwan). I want to be the World’s No.1 Tower Runner in three years’ time.


7. What are your top three sport nutrition tips?

Have a pre-race meal three hour before and a shot of Beet It Sports 90 minutes before the races. Have a black coffee prior to a long and hard session. Consume several types of sugar to maximise energy production before a race.


8. What are your top three training tips?
Firstly, stay consistent at all times - at least a workout daily to keep yourself moving. Secondly, stay positive always no matter what. It will not drain your energy level that much if you keep on reminding yourself that there are some things in life that you can’t control. You just have to think positive, be mindful of things that you can control and make decision. Lastly, trust the power of self-belief. Believe in yourself whenever you do something. Aim high and put in the effort to make it work rather than not believing it and doing it not at a 100% effort.


9. Can you give us an insight into your pre-race routine?

To me, if it is a 10km race, I will wake up 4 hours before the race to have my pre-race meal. After finishing the meal, I will go back to sleep. I will wake up again 2 hours before the race to have a pack of orange juice, a shot of Beet It Sport 90 minutes before the race and will slowly finish my black coffee before the race.


10. How did you hear about Beet It Sport?
I first heard it from my lecturer Dr.Ashril. We were discussing about ergogenic aids in endurance sports. He recommended me to try beetroot juice by buying the beetroot from the morning market and blending it and having it prior to a hard session or race. I then went and did research on beetroot juice in endurance performance and found out about the Beet It Sport being used in researches and studies.

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