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Shaqueme Rock

MMA Fighter, Monarchy MMA Malaysia

Beet It Sport Malaysia, together with Beet It Sport UK are proud to welcome aboard Shaqueme Rock, a British fighter residing in Malaysia. Shaqueme is gaining popularity on the Asian MMA scene due to his fighting charisma, winning performances and healthy lifestyle.


Beet juice is vasodilator, so it acts as a natural pre-workout supplement. I use it because it helps me improve my cardiovascular performance.

1. How did you get involved in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)?

I decided to join a MMA Gym because I was always a MMA Fan.


2. What advice would you give to someone considering taking up MMA? 

I would advise anyone who wants to take up MMA to start wrestling & Brazilian JiuJitsu as a base, before they even consider getting into a ring/cage.


3. Who are you sporting role model?

My coach and professor, Bruninho Barbosa is my biggest role model in JiuJitsu. He has achieved a lot but it’s what he has helped others achieved and how many lives he has changed that inspires me. In my sport MMA, I’d say right now it is Darren Till because he is fighting on the biggest stage (UFC) and he’s born and raised in Liverpool just like me.


4. Best MMA achievement so far?

Making my Professional Debut and Winning the Malaysian Invasion Title.


5. Aspirations in MMA for 2018 and beyond?

To become a Brazilian JiuJitsu World Champion and to get signed on with One Championship.


6. How do you balance training and competition life with life outside of the sport?

My life is this sport. I don’t have a life outside. I train 3 times a day, I sleep in between classes to make sure I recover. This is my full time job.


7. How do you keep mentally focused when recovering from a sporting injury?

I stay in and around the gym. I believe in visual learning. I do rehab and listen to my physiotherapist.


8. What motivates you to train and compete harder?



9. What are your top three sport nutrition tips?

A) Follow a schedule. Wake up at set times. Sleep at set times. Eat at set times. Train at set times.

B) Plan your meals. Know what you will be eating.

C) Most importantly, enjoy your food. (I’m vegan, by the way. J)


10. What are your top three training tips?

A) Train Hard. Take it seriously.

B) Make a schedule. Train at set times.

C) Most importantly, show up.


11. Where did you hear about Beet It Sport?

My girlfriend Colleen Augustin, OCR Racer and Instagram. I started to get intrigued by their page/products when they started commenting and liking my posts.

12. Why do you use Beet It Sport and how has it helped you?

Beet juice is vasodilator, so it acts as a natural pre-workout supplement. I use it because it helps me improve my cardiovascular performance.


13. When you aren’t training, what are you doing?

When I’m not training, I’m resting for my next training or I’m going to eat to refuel my body to go train again. This is all I do and it’s my main focus in life.

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