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Case size: 210g
Nitrate 8000 is a natural pre-workout providing 8,000mg of dietary nitrate per 210g tub – your super source of nitrate now available as a delicious crystal product!

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Concentrated beetroot juice crystals
The Nitrate 8000 provides 8,000mg of dietary nitrate per 210g or 400mg of dietary nitrate per 2-scoop serving (~20 x 2-scoop servings per 210g tub) – that is three times more nitrate than competing beetroot powders and crystals marketed to athletes.

Directions for use: Consume 2-3 scoops two to three hours pre-workout or immediately after exercise. Mix with smoothies, juices, or water or sprinkle over muesli, porridge other breakfast cereals yoghurts, and salads – alternatively, try them on their own – they’re delicious!

Available as: 210g tub

Ingredients: 100% concentrated beetroot juice crystals

Pot Size:Each 210g tub provides ~40 scoops of crystals, with each 2-scoop serving proving ~400mg of dietary nitrate.

Recommended usage: Consume 1 or 2 servings one to three hours before training or after exercise for recovery.

Nutritional info:
Quantityper 100g
Energy1384kJ / 326kcal
of which saturates
of which sugars