Jeffrey Ross

Certified Fitness Instructor
Certified ‘Revolution Running’ Coach

Jeff originates from Scotland, UK, living in Malaysia since 2011. At high school, he participated in cross-country running and track athletics, and in 2013 he returned to running after many years playing squash as his primary sport (at which he is a qualified coach and referee). Jeff enjoys road, trail and tower running, and he is a regular name on the podium for all three. Jeff is a Certified Fitness Instructor and a Certified ‘Revolution Running’ Coach. Jeff coaches hundreds of runners every month in KL, and his face is a very familiar one on the roads and in the parks!
"Like many runners, I am looking for any edge that will help me be fitter and faster. I believe Beet It Sport plays a part in that, and I have been using it for over 1 year now on a weekly basis within my training."
Jeffrey Ross
Fitness Instructor and Running Coach

Q&A With Jeffrey Ross

1. How did you end up making Malaysia your home?

Too long a story to tell here, but basically via work in 2011. I love it here and have never looked back!

2. Prior to the coronavirus situation, how often do you participate in races?

I normally race once every 3 weeks maximum, but probably on average once per month. It is easy to participate in too many races which then impacts on one’s training, so I try to be conscious of that.

3. What’s your best running achievement so far?

I am most proud to have won 4 gold medals at SCKLM (2016-2019), and 2 gold medals in KL Towerthon (2016, 2019). I am also extremely proud of winning Dartford Marathon UK (2019) and my 3rd place at The Gobi March 250km (2017) was something I had to sweat very hard to earn!

4. What was the one event cancelled in 2020 that you will be looking forward to participating in 2021?

I was due to participate in The Gobi March, a 250km multi-stage footrace across the Gobi Desert. It would be great to do it in 2021, but it is hard to know what the travel situation will be. Otherwise there are plenty of local Malaysian events that I will train hard for, including one of my favourites, The KL Towerthon!

5. During the Movement Controlled Order (MCO) in Malaysia, some runners stopped doing any kind of training. What advice would you consider for someone who is looking to restart running again?

Good question! Just enjoy the fact you can run again now, and don’t stress too much about pace or distance. Take one month just to get the feel of it again before worrying too much about facts and figures. Don’t do too much distance in the early weeks, and if you want to push harder, do it with speed rather than mileage.

6. What motivates you keep on training and to train harder, even though many events around the world were cancelled this year?

In my job I have to be fit and I have to lead by example! I also enjoy my training, so it is no hardship at all. And I’ll let you into a secret… I am quite enjoying not getting up at crazy hours for races 😉

7. Do you have any tips on nutrition that you try and follow?

Try to eat clean and hydrate well in general. Use a recovery product after hard workouts and races. For me, the recovery shake helps me a lot, and I love to add Beet It Sport into that!

8. How did you hear about Beet It Sport?

I think I saw Kipchoge featured in it if I am not mistaken!

9. Why do you use Beet It Sport and how has it helped you?

Like many runners, I am looking for any edge that will help me be fitter and faster. I believe Beet It Sport plays a part in that, and I have been using it for over one year now on a weekly basis within my training.

10. Anything additional you would like to add about Beet It Sport?

User tip – keep it cold!
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