Allison Yee Phui Se

Allison Yee is our December 2019’s Brand Ambassador. Hailing from Kuantan, Allison started her triathlete journey just 3 years ago. Within that short span of time, armed with determination, hard work, passion and a sunny attitude, Allison qualified for the national selection for SEA Games and will represent Malaysia in the Duathlon category this December. Apart from sports, Allison is also an enterprising baker and sells healthy, delicious snacks using natural ingredients.
"I took it for my national selection in July this year. My friend offered 6 bottles of the shots to try out. I took it as recommended, one a day and load up to race day. I felt less fatigue during race day and was able to hold the pace with a little lesser effort. "
Allison Yee Phui Se

Q&A With Allison Yee Phui Se

1. When and how did you get involved in triathlon?

I have loved running since I started leisurely 5 years ago. I never thought I will divert into triathlon. Fast forward 2 years after, I happened to meet multisport friends in my hometown and started to know more about bikes. Meanwhile I met my boyfriend that time who is also an avid triathlete. I have always wanted to try out cycling so I went to a local bike shop and bought my first aluminium bike on clearance ( I can only afford that at the time) to join them for rides. I loved it and wanted to train to be a better cyclist too. Then I joined my first ever Powerman relay 2017 as a runner. I fell in love with multisport even more after that event. I learnt some basic swimming skill from my boyfriend and progressed from there until now. I have put in a lot of hard work in 3 disciplines. Since then, I started racing multi sports, primarily triathlon with my boyfriend all over the places, gained experiences and won some podiums. I enjoyed the sport very much. Sometimes I don’t even know if I chose the sport, or the sport chose me.

2. What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Honestly, every little achievement is my greatest. It keeps me humble and wanting to achieve more. Nonetheless, being qualified for SEA games 2019 and now I will be competing as a national athlete for the first time is my greatest achievement.

3.What is your biggest motivation to keep pushing your limits of performance?

Myself and the people around me who did not give me up on me and had supported me, especially my coach and teammates. Better everyday, do not give up just yet!

4. Can you explain what a typical training week entails to compete at the upcoming SEA Games in the Philippines?

I have training every day. Two sessions a day.
Typically, Monday is Swim, Strength.
Tuesday, hill repeats in the morning, run bike run in the evening.
Wednesday, swim in the morning, followed by intervals running.
Thursday, double sessions of bike trainer workout.
Friday, Track workout, Swim, strength.
Saturday, long ride with intervals.
Sunday, long run with intervals.

5. What are your aspirations for 2019 and beyond?

To improve myself in every aspects, be in sports or in my overall health. I will do my best and perhaps, have the chance to qualify for Asian Games or Commonwealth Games. Of course, it’s one step at a time.

Injuries can be very depressing, I have found the key to staying focused is keeping busy. Put the effort into keeping your diet clean, and take the time to work on your mental game, don’t just throw in the towel because you can’t train. Start back at the beginning and work your way in slowly. Muscle memory is a wonderful thing.

6. What are your top three sport nutrition tips?

First of all, stay hydrated. If you have a higher perspiration rate, hydrate more frequently to avoid a decrease in performance. Electrolytes tablets or powder mix are always my choice of drink for longer duration workout or warmer outdoor workout.

Second, plan your fuel ahead. If you were to have more than 2 hours of continuous workout, you might need to bring along some bars or a quick munch with you to avoid bonking on the road.

Third, take fruits, vegetables, or red meat (if you prefer) that are rich in iron to promote more iron to bind with oxygen and deliver to your muscles efficiently. You also may take iron supplement pills or just simply have BEET IT SPORT shot for some boost!

7. What are your top three training tips?

Get more sleep, to promote release of growth hormones, which helps with recovery. Don’t train when you have injuries, always listen to your body. Get it fix before it gets worse. Do not neglect strength workout, which is important for preventing injury! Many athletes skipped this because they simply say that they have no time left for the day. Incorporating 1 to 2 of one hour session full body workout will make wonders in your performance.

8. How has Beet It Sport helped your triathlete performance?

I took it for my national selection in July this year. My friend offered 6 bottles of the shots to try out. I took it as recommended, one a day and load up to race day. I felt less fatigue during race day and was able to hold the pace with a little lesser effort.

9. Anything additional you would like to say about Beet It Sport?

It is tasty and convenient to bring along. It is also very versatile to mix in daily juices or smoothies.
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